Our Principles

Customer always comes first

We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and we strive every day to improve our product and our service. We want to meet and exceed your expectations. Our customers are the most important asset of our company, so we make our best to take care of them.

Style and quality are fundamental

We carefully select the products we customize. We use only superior quality t-shirts. The custom t-shirts you usually buy are often very poor in quality. After first wash they shrink, loose color, the print comes off, are ill-fitted and poorly cut and finished. From the beginning we decided that we would never sell cheap disposable t-shirts. Customization should not mean poor quality. We decided that we should create t-shirts that are both personal and good-looking, confortable to wear, stylish, cut and finished as from a good clothing store or a boutique.

We protect the environment

Our t-shirts are made of 100% organic fibers, including traditional cotton but also innovative cellulose fibers made from various types of plants. Crops are carefully selected by our suppliers who require certification proving the absence of chemicals harmful to human beings and the environment. Our t-shirts are made with fibers from plantations certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Our suppliers support the Soil Association - Organic Standards and have been awarded the Confidence in Textiles (Oeko Tex Standard) for the absence of harmful chemicals. The production process is certified to ensure low carbon footprint during production. Our t-shirt suppliers support the Carbon Trust, a non-profit organization committed to promoting carbon footprint reduction.

T-Shirt Bazar stands for fair working conditions

Our t-shirts are ethical products. Our suppliers are committed to guaranteeing environmental protection and fair working conditions. All our t-shirts are sweatshop-free, manufactured in respect of the rights of workers in shops that do not use child labor and ensure fair and humane working conditions. All our t-shirts are manufactured in Europe in certified companies. We specifically avoided using products from multinational corporations whose production is not certified and whose commitment to the environment and workers are not proven. The Fair Wear Foundation certifies the absence of worker exploitation and child labor in the entire production process of our t-shirts.



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