Our Goal

What really matters for T-Shirt Bazar?

The costs entailed by our policy would result in an increase in consumer prices or a reduction in our profits. We have decided to reduce our profits, while maintaining competitive prices. But we are confident that once you try our products, you will appreciate the quality and style and the higher quality-price ratio. We cannot give up our principles to increase sales margins. But we are sure that in time quality, style, authenticity, fairness are values that will repay our efforts.

What does T-Shirt Bazar want?

Our goal is to satisfy our customers and ourselves by creating unique superior quality products, while promoting environmental protection and fair working conditions. We have the ambition to become not just a place where you buy or sell customized clothing, but a true laboratory of new trends. Fashion is first and foremost an up-bottom statement, where the industry imposes models and decide how we should dress. We want to try the other way around, to show the industry what people want to wear.



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